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After Intermediate Education Courses in Andhra Pradesh and India

After Intermediate Education Courses in Andhra Pradesh and India

Are you appearing for your class 12th exam or waiting for the results? Time has come for you to decide over your career. A concrete plan about your future needs to be drawn at this juncture which will in turn determine the course of your professional life.

These are the initial year to shape your career. Stiff competition and plenty of options make students confused. To weed out the thorns of confusion, first you need to analyze your interest, hobby, inclination, potentiality and opportunities. It is often said that if you choose your career based on your interest and hobby, the success rate as well as satisfaction level will be very high. As Darwin said “Survival of the fittest”. Do not choose any career under the influence of friends or parents. Give priority to your potential and interest. It should be the sole criteria of selecting a career. Choose your career on the basis of following aspects keeping in mind.

• Area of interest
• Personality
• Aptitude
• Assess your strength and weakness.
• Skills
• Possibility and Opportunities.
• Capability
• Feasibility and guidance
• Nature of work
• Financial aid and scholarship

Apart from this, now is the time of specialization. In the coming years, a majority (85%) of new jobs will require people with some education and training. So always pay heed to specialized education rather than simple and theoretical. A little bit training or practical education would be a shot in the arm.

NNE below has discussed about the various career option available.

Career in Management Stream

Business management is today one of the most sought-after careers. For aspirant in the employment market, this has opened limitless opportunity in diverse spheres with the promise of rewards in the form of good remuneration, status and scope for professional and personal growth. Moreover, in this achievement-oriented profession where results count more than year of experience, bright and hardworking young people can rise to top positions fairly quickly.

Areas of work
• Personal Management or Human Resources Development
• Finance
• Production and Operation
• Sales and Marketing
• Management Information Systems
There are also some special areas for work in business management that is a particular type of business management.
• International Management - deals in all areas of international trade and business.
• Operational Research - using mathematical analysis for solving financial and production problems.
• Technology Management - specializes in all aspects of technology, including financing and marking.
• Management Consultancy - responsible for identifying and correcting problems concerned company policies, procedures and methods.
• Public System Management – deals with management of public enterprises, non-government organization and cooperatives.
• Hospital Management – deals with the efficient running of hospitals and health care organizations.
• Hotel Management - concentrates on all aspects of hospitality and hotel administration.
• Rural Management - utilizing management practices for managing agro-based and other village industries as also marketing rural products.
• Forest Management - Responsible for handling the administration and marketing of forest-related projects and products for forest development.
• Disaster Management - this comes into action during the times of natural calamities and disasters and is involved with reconstructing and rehabilitating disaster-stricken people and managing relief materials and other resources.
• Leisure & Event Management – deals with the management of leisure-related activities, clubs, parks and events.
Career in Computers & IT

If you have not scored well in your class XII you need not worry because lots of options are available nowadays for the career. Poor performance in Class XII can’t restrict you to enter into higher studies or professional courses.

Does Computer sound interesting to you? Of late, computers have become part and parcel of our daily life. From schools to workplaces, it has claimed a dominant position because of its many useful functions. Computers allow people with disabilities to lead a normal life and can work from home. It also allows companies to keep large amounts of information at finger tips.

Without computer, the globalization would not have come into existence because it is one of the most important tools of globalization.

So if computer intrigues or arouses curiosity then you can opt for computers as your career destination after doing 12. Computers have lot of scope ranging from data entry operator to the software engineer, from web designing to web developing and so on.

Several professionals as well as undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered in computers and IT by noted institutions as well as other private institutes across the country.

Career in Engineering

If the intricacy of number thrills you, the calculation of physics interests you and experiments of chemistry ignite your mind to create something new, then engineering is the right prospect for you after 10+2.

Engineering is one of the most preferred career options after 10+2. Most of the students having 10+2 degree with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics opt for engineering as their career option.

Most preferred simply means more rush! So if you have already decided to go for engineering, you need to have stern command over mathematics, physics and chemistry as these are prerequisites to get into engineering college.

In addition to the above requirement, you need to secure 60% marks in 10+2 to get into elite IITs. But if you have not secured 60% marks in intermediate examination, then you need not to worry because we have several options beyond IITs.

Several other competitive exams like AIEEE, DCE, BCECE and various state level competitive examinations are conducted in our country for the engineering aspirants to get admission into B.Tech, B.E, B.Arch courses which are offered by various noted engineering colleges.

If you want to crack the nuts of engineering examination, you need to work hard like swine searching for food in the field, dedication of a lover to his beloved and devotion of a priest. If you are blessed with all these, then engineering is not far away from your grip.

While choosing the engineering as a career the few things that one needs to keep in mind are
• Do I have the interest in mathematics, physics and chemistry?
• Do I have the thorough understanding of these subjects and will I be able to clear all the engineering papers and complete my course in the prescribed 4 years.
Engineering is a combination of mathematics, science and creativity. This combination has resulted into the solution of several complex problems in our day-to –day life ranging from wheels to aircraft's.

Engineering can also be defined as an art of relating scientific and mathematical principles to make things that benefit people. Engineering is the process of producing a technical product or system to meet a specific need.

Engineers use maths, science, creativity and design to solve problems and improve lives. So it’s very important for you to be a good hand in mathematics and science.

Career In Medical

Class 12 exams are over and you are planning for your further studies. If you have Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class XII then medical studies is apt and appropriate for you because it is considered as one of the hot and demanding career after 10+2. Medical science is a branch of science deals with health which keeps the disease at bay.

Medical Science is one of the highly respected careers after 10+2. It is a career that gives you both name and fame. If you are willing to get admission into MBBS course you need to have subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) at 10+2 level as the eligibility.

Being among one the noble professions, lots of students aspire to become a doctor after 10+2. So, if you have decided to get into a medical college you need to appear for an entrance exam conducted by several regulatory bodies including CBSE.

Entrance examination is also conducted by the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Armed Forces Medical Colleges (AIFMC) noted among medical colleges.

If you do not get into MBBS course then need not to worry. Various other options are available for you such as dentistry, Ayurvedic, Animal Husbandry, homeopathy and other allied branches of medical science.

Distance Education

With changing times, regular colleges are no longer the only option to pursue higher studies. A student can opt for various courses through correspondence as well as Distance Education.

There are few important aspects, which should be considered before starting the expedition for further studies.
• If you want to enhance your educational or professional skills but cannot devote full time to it
• If you are working, and want to study side by side
• If you want to do additional/ full time courses along with your studies
• Do you want to seek experience along with your studies?
• Do you need an immediate job along with your studies due to some family crisis?
If any of the above mentioned questions have an affirmative reply but do not know what to do then Distance education is all what you need.

Vocational Courses

The changing face of technology has increased the demand of specialization in education. Vocational Education training (VET) institutes impart specialized and practical knowledge to the student and help them become independent and successful in life. Vocational education training institutes impart graduation and post graduation courses to students.

The best part of the institute is that even working student can join the course, and even select the timings as per their convenience and nature of job. The vocational institutes allow the students to study online and attend either evening or morning classes. Moreover, financial aid is provided to students who are economically weak. Paying for education can be unaffordable for many. These days school fee is found to be skyrocketing. This deprives children from getting their primary education. But with the change in time and attitude these children are taken care of and are left with wider option of vocational education. There was a time when people were superstitious letting their children get into vocational education program. They considered their association with vocation education will degrade their status in society as only low strata children studied there. But with the change in time, the attitude of people is changing. They look for business specialization training program and the vocational program dealt with such options, and gave a better chance to the children.

The faculty of these Vocational education training institutes is highly experienced. They impart practical knowledge to their students. As a result the students are able to have a real life and practical industry experience. The students are also provided with internships. They are also provided with stipend for their internships. This gives motivation to perform better and excel in their jobs.

There are various vocational education training located in the country. In fact, every state has vocational institutes where the residents of the place can earn the degrees and become part of a specialized workforce. The vocational course offered can range from culinary arts, bartending, becoming a massage expert, cook to graphic designer, pottery, dyeing expert, nursing, business administrator, restaurant and management These days with the rage of technology, the vocational program is more technically oriented as it ranges from Web Designing to Information Technology. The other vocational courses that are included in the vocational course are business, accounting, fashion designing and animation. Majority of these training institutes work as per the rules and regulations of state education department. It is the education department of state or the central government that grants recognition to a training institute.

Options after Intermediate:
1. Engineering
2. Medicine
3. BSc/BCA (For Science subject students).
4. B Com (For Commerce subject students)
5. BA (For Arts/Humanities students)
After Intermediate:
Vocational and Certificate Courses
1.Call Centre Assistant
2.Digital Photographer
3.Event Management Assistant
4.Fashion Technology
5.Floriculture & Landscaping
6.Front Office Assistant
7.Health Sanitary Inspector
8.Hospital House Keeping
9.Hospital Wastage Management
10.Insurance Agent
11.Library & Information Science
12.Mechanic Computer Hardware
13.Mechanic Industrial Electronics.
14.Mechanic Meahctronics
15.Medical laboratory Technician (cardiology & physiotherapy)
16.Medical laboratory Technician (pathology)
17.Medical laboratory Technician (radiology)
18.Network Technician
19.Operator Advanced Machine Tool (Under C.T.S. & A.T.S.)
20.Physiotherapy Technician
21.Radiology Technician (Radio Diagnosis & Radiotherapy)
22.Tourist Guide
23.Desk Top Publishing Operator
24.Computer Operator and Programming Assistant
25.Stenography (English)
26.Secretarial Practice
27.Stenography (Hindi)
For details: Log on to www.dget.gov.in
M.S. Office - Three Months - Inter
Unix C & C++ - Three Months - Inter
V.B. &Oracle - Three Months - Inter
VB & ASP - Three Months - Inter
Oracle with D2K - Three Months - Inter
Oracle with DBA - Three Months - Inter
DTP - Three Months - Inter
Auto CAD - Three Months - Inter
Accounting Package - Three Months - Inter
For details: Log on to http://bieap.gov.in

Courses for the Science (Biology) Stream Students:
Professional Courses:
1. MBBS;
2. BDS
7. B.Pharm
8. B.Tech (Biotechnology)
9. B.Tech (Bioinformatics)
10. B.V.Sc & A.H
B.Sc Courses for science stream:
BZC / BioMC / MZC / MBC / MGC / MCCA / BioBiC / BiCCA
B – Botany
Z – Zoology
C – Chemistry
M – Microbiology
G – Genetics
CA – Computer Applications
Bi – Biochemistry
Bio – Biotechnology
Special Courses
1. Bioinformatics
2. Home Science
3. Nutrition & Dietics
4. Dairy Technology & Poultry Farming
5. Optometry and Visual Science
6. Forestry and Wild Life
7. Food Technology
8. Environmental Science
9. Forensic Science
10. Audiology and Speech Language Therapy
11. Human Biology
12. Agriculture and other allied fields
13. Horticulture
14. Fisheries & Aquaculture
15. Bachelor of Mental Retardation
Para Medical:
1. Physiotherapy
2. Nursing
3. Medical Lab Technician
4. Optometrist
5. Occupational Therapy
6. Speech Therapy
7. Dialysis Technician
8. Ophthalmic Assistant
9. Radio Therapy Technician
10. Blood Banking Technician
11. Radiographic Assistant
12. Dark Room Assistant
13. Cardiology Technician
14. Cath Lab Technician
15. ECG Technician
16. Respiratory Therapy
17. Medical Imaging
18. MPHW (female training course )
19. Anaesthesia Technician
20. Dental Hygienist & Technician
21. Audiometric Trainig
22. Theatre Technician
23. Hospital Sterilization Mgt & Operation
24. Cardiology Perfusion Technician
Diplomas and certificate courses:
1. D.Pharmacy
3. D in Hospital Admin
MPC Stream:
B.E / B.Tech : Bachelor of Engineering
Specilizations available in Andhra Pradesh
Ane - Aeronautical Engineering
Aei - Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
Aut - Automobile Engineering
Bme - Bio-medical Engineering
Bio - Bio-technology
Cbe - Chemical Bio-engineering
Che - Chemical Engineering
Cpe - Chemical Petrol Engineering
Civ - Civil Engineering
Cee - Civil Environmental Engineering
CeR - Ceramic Technology
Cse - Computer Science & Engineering
Css - Computer Science & Systems Engineering
Eee - Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Ece - Electronics & Communication Engineering
Ecm - Electronics & Computer Engineering
Eie - Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
Etm - Electronics & Telematics
Ecs - Electronics Conrol Systems Engineering
Fpt - Food Processing Technology
GIO - Geo Informatics
Inf - Information Technology
Ice - Instrumentation & Control Engineering
Ist - Instrumentation Engineering/ Technoloy
ME - Marine Engineering
Mec - Mechanical Engineering
Mmc - Mechanical Marine Engineering
Mct - Mechanical(mechatronics)
Met - Metallurgical Engineering
Mmt - Metallurgy And Material Technology
Min - Mining Engineering
Nva - Naval Architecture
Phm - Pharmacy
Ipe - Production / Industrial Production Engineering
Tex - Textile Technology
Integrated Courses
Integrated M.Sc (5 yrs )
Integrated M.Tech ( 5 yrs)
Architecture & Design
Merchant Navy
Dairy Technology
Indian Army
Indian Airforce Through NDA
B.Sc courses for MPC
M – Mathematics
P - Physics
Cs – Computer Science
S – Statistics
C – Chemistry
E – Electronics
G – Geology
GP – Geophysics
GC – Geochemistry
Other Courses ( Any Group )
BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration
BBM - Bachelor of Business Management
Interior Design
Fashion Technology
Film and Media
Secretarial Work
Hotel Management
Performing Arts
Arts and Commerce
B.Com - Hons
B.Com – Comp
B.Com – Vocational
Courses after 12th Arts
Courses after 12th Commerce
Courses after 12th Science
Engineering Courses after 12th
Animation Courses after 12th
Designing Courses after 12th
Medical Courses after 12th
Media Courses after 12th
Computer Courses after 12th
Careers After Class 12th

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